random italo ramblings

a.k.a. "Completely random list of things I like, some new stuff, some old stuff, taken from my "unsorted" inbox"
courtesy of pipe in mid-2017

Modern "italo", sometimes more like new romantic/synth, but genres are stupid anyway:
Nouvelle Phénomène - Cruel Game
Just a nice mix in general
Albert One - Face to Face! Fatter than ever!
Monika Novak - Living on the Run
Raffaele Fiume - Emotion

Modern space dance:
Galactic Warriors, Macrocosm, Rygar, Galaxy Hunter, Everdune (all of these sound pretty much the same)
Vocoderion (demoscene++)
Anders Lundqvist (actually an old scener) - Dragon Slayer
Electron (These are awesome, also epic demoscene music)

Good old italo/pop:
Anything by Michael Cretu (Mikado, Carte Blanche, Samurai,
Lots of Albert One (Secrets, Heart on Fire, For Your Love, Turbo Diesel, etc)
Fancy (Lady of Ice, Slice Me Nice, Chinese Eyes, Bolero)
Ago - Computer (handsome hunk + deluxe paint)
Christophe Jenac - Nous N'Avons Pas Choisi Ce Monde
Eva - Prayer of Love
Fred Ventura - Lost in Paris
Katy Gray - Hold Me Tight
Kristal - Love And Magic
Laban - Caught by Surprise
Laban - Kold som Is (there's an English version too, Love in Siberia)
Lisa G - Call My Name
Max Him - Lady Fantasy (Epic synth lead)
Nord Est - Overnight
Diana Est - Tenax
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams (Soundtrack to a cute movie about a computer)
Riky Maltese - Rainy Day
Robert Camero - Love Games
Stargo - Capsicum
Valerie Dore - It's So Easy
Atrium - Over And Over
Tom Hooker - Looking For Love
Bank of America - Shall I Go
BB Bonsai - Prince of the Night
Deblanc - Mon Amour
Brian Ice - Over Again
Den Harrow - Future Brain
Check Up Twins - Sexy Teacher
Cherry - Take a Moment
Chester - Hold The Line

Good old space dance:
early Laserdance (laserdance started sucking major after the first 2-3 albums)
Syntech (there's also a new group with that name, very different music, kinda..)
Automat - Droid (Super-early space synth)
Cyber People